Sandra Tribute Post One

Layne Beckman: It is a sad day today in this world of ours. We lost on of the good ones last night to Cancer at age 45. I’m pretty sure Sandra Moran had no idea as to exactly how many lives she has touched! The good ones never do, because they are just being themselves and doing what they should be doing. Sandra lifted people up with her smile, effervescent spirit and love. She never shook your hand upon meeting her it seemed to me at the very least a one armed hug. I’ll remember Sandra by loving people up when they are down, down trotted, irritating, obnoxious and plain old ignorance and homophobic. I’m gonna love them up in my heart, for I believe that is part of the legacy Sandra has and would want to continue. Your pain is gone and you can rest my friend.

Sallyanne Monti: I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Sandra Moran personally, only through some of the people who’s lives she has profoundly impacted during the short time she was on this planet. What I do know is that every now and then a person comes along in life who everyone respects, everyone loves and everyone wants to be like in some way, shape or form. This is what I’ve come to know is Sandra Moran. A wife, a friend, an author, a mentor, a muse and an amazing influence on everyone who had the opportunity to know her. Sending sincere condolences to Sandra’s wife and their families, my literary buddies and all the people who are dealing with the untimely and unexpected loss of this remarkable women. Life is fragile and as we age the ability to remember things wanes. Keep remembering Sandra always, and keep her memory and contributions alive anyway you can. RIP Sandra.

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