Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories Pride Special: Jody Klaire


Download this free pdf and read along as you listen!

“Sanctuary” is a song that Jody thinks about when she writes about Alex and Hannah jamming. She wrote it and has an awesome guitar solo in the middle. She has been kind enough to offer it as a free download.

Check out the blog she wrote about this short story for The Liz McMullen Show Pride Blog Series.

Contact Jody: Website, Facebook and Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories Pride Special: Jody Klaire

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  2. I just want to hear the unedited version! Think I’ll listen again and just et my mind stay in that gutter Liz can send me to. Better than pie? REALLY!

    Thanks Jody and Liz. Now I remember why I shouldn’t listen to several of your interviews, bedtime stories one after another into the middle of the night while consuming too many beers and then insist on commenting.


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