Betsy and Caren on The Liz McMullen Show

image (2)Betsy and Caren give Liz the skinny on what it’s like to write as a duo. Laughter, friendship and spirits are at the core of their literary chemistry. Pull up a chair and watch them have at it.

Teaser for ‘The Poison of Life’
“What would happen if the Brontë sisters and Anne Rice got drunk and started talking about ex-lovers? This novel. The Poison of Life is a contemporized literary classic with a twist that will keep readers up all night.”

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The Juliana Project







Juliana is a historical novel set in New York City, so it was most appropriate to film this interview in Vanda’s Greenwich Village apartment. Vanda was joined by Molly and Annie-Sage, the lead actresses from the staged version of Juliana. Click here for more details about the Juliana Project and future performances.

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