Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories Episode 19: Lynn Ames

Slide1Storyteller Lynn Ames gave us a tasters palette of her writing, from an action adventure romance with your favorite characters Jay and Kate, to a novel starring an Oscar nominated actress who happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author under an assumed name. Lynn read “Knowledge and Illusion,” the poem that inspired her latest novel All that Lies Within. The poem speaks to something we can all relate to, the longing to be known and loved. Her third reading, an excerpt from Above Reproach, goes to a completely different place filled with danger and intrigue. So kick back folks, and enjoy the ride!

Click to buy: All That Lies Within
Click to buy: Above Reproach (The Mission: Classified series)
Click to buy: The Price of Fame (Kate And Jay Series)

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Facebook: authorlynnames
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13 thoughts on “Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories Episode 19: Lynn Ames

  1. That was a wonderful show and reading. The dialogue (la, la, la) was captivating and though I’m not sure how tired it made me, there were quite a few laughs from here.

  2. Great show Liz, I read most of Lynns books…her latest was a re-read..what can I say…loved it….thanks Lynn.very entertaining :-)
    How about another sequel with Kate and Jay???? (just a thought;-) )and listening to you seems like you are up for it!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to your new series..Above reproach etc….
    checking your website…(well done by the way) and you will be in PTown..I am coming over from Germany for this womens week..
    maybe I see you there…

    • Hi Renate,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, there will be more Kate and Jay. I’m thrilled that you’re coming to P-Town! I’ve got lots of appearances/readings/book signings lined up. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

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