Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories 12: Marissa Cohen

Slide09Growing up, did you long to have fairytales with lesbian characters, where your beloved prince was a dashing butch? Marissa sure did, and she has come on the show to read her versions. Her first reading, “The Sea Stone,” draws from “The Little Mermaid” and folk tales about selkie, seals who can shed their skins and dance on land. Sleeping beauty awakens to her fair butch prince in “Awake.” Marissa’s final reading is an excerpt from her novel “Morgan and Jane.” The protagonist cheats death, but at a high price–the end of her mother’s life. Marissa is a masterful storyteller, so relax and let her weave you a fairytale.

Marissa has been kind enough to offer free downloads for two of the stories that she read on the show: “Awake” and Chapter One of “Morgan and Jane”

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