Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories 9/11 Episode: Roxy and KL Rhavensfyre

9-11graphic1aRoxy and her wife KL have been together for over a decade, but when the terrorists attacked on 9/11 their love was still new. Roxy was in the military. They had to keep our relationship hidden due to Don’t Ask/Don’t tell, but 9/11 really homed in what that really meant to them. Having a relationship that was not recognized and was basically against the rules made them realize how much both of had to lose. The hours that followed the attack were made even more terrifying because there was a chance Roxy would be shipped off without even getting a chance to say goodbye, for what could have been the last time.

Another story from the days that followed the attack, in the form of a poem: 

One thought on “Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories 9/11 Episode: Roxy and KL Rhavensfyre

  1. I listened to this with my partner Gail. We were both very impressed with the narrative and touched by the memories of Roxy & KL. So proud of them both for putting their story out there.

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