The Liz McMullen Show Episode 69: Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner

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52 thoughts on “The Liz McMullen Show Episode 69: Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner

  1. How cool and funny was this one!! thanks Liz…and thanks to Saxon and Layce..
    I read their latest book in one go…and I totally agree: lesbian fiction should also make you laugh..and they are good at it!!!!
    Ann McMan can do that ….or Robin alexander…
    but these 2 are really funny…Erma Bombeck would laugh as well!!!

  2. Oh! This has been a fun interview and a great way to start my weekend. I always look forward to their latest book or blog. Thanks, Liz

  3. Most excellent episode! I am happy to see happy in the lesbian book world! Bring more laughter. I love laughter. Have a good one!


  4. I have a vivid recall of both of you and Emma wearing navy blue pj/s to our Jewel book club meeting. You two have not changed one bit and I hope you never do. A good visit and questions by you Liz. Hope to see you all in Portland.

  5. Love Layce and Saxon…they make me laugh my ass off!! Laughter is therapy. I have read their blog about everyday life …it is sooo funny.
    I keep hoping one of them will add in a funny sexy hypnotist ( tall, crazy, full of lascivious thoughts especially in church and very good at her craft. Lesbian of course ….like me! ) Amanda Kyle Williams has not done this yet ( I have asked!)
    Keep making us laugh girls! Best to you.
    ( I bought Layce’s kindle …how cool is that? Though no way to prove it. )
    Enjoyed this Liz! Especially the slam on ” fo-i-bles.”

  6. Loved this interview. Apart from the fun, some of Layce’s and Saxon’s comments on writing and publishing really hammered home to me that the reasons I decided to self-publish are entirely valid. And thanks for writing such great, fun stories :)
    Cheers from another Aussie who listened to this before it was recorded haha.

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  8. This was an awesome episode! Then again, whenever Layce and Saxon hit the scene, fun times are not far behind. They are quite funny, and I love their books, both separate and written together. It was very entertaining when they would go off on a tangent and then moments later come back to earth giggling, LOL, and ask for the question to be repeated.

    I had no idea it was so difficult being classified in the right category. I can’t even imagine how frustrating, maybe even a little insulting, that must be, but how satisfying it also is to be able to do what you want, when you want, how you want.

    I did have a moment of panic when Saxon said she doesn’t have plans to write a book by herself in the present future because I was hoping we’d get more stories on Chase, Gitana, and Bud. I’d love to see how Bud and Addison turn out as a teens or young adults, although with the last book Addison was already a teen. And also, what about Jacinda and her bad hip, no less? I’ve read those three books I can’t even tell you how many times.

    I’m very much looking forward to more books from both ladies.

    Great episode!!!!!

    • Woot woot, glad you enjoyed it so much! They are quite the creative duo. Saxon, do you have an solo projects in your future?

    • Janna,
      That’s makes my heart go pitter-patter about Chase and company. I have often imagined Bud and Addison grown up. I’m not real good at future plans because I firmly adhere to the old saying “Man plans, God laughs.” And you know how uncooperative my muses can be. They don’t even take suggestions lightly. So we’ll just have to see how it all pans out. Thanks for being such an avid supporter of our stuff! In other words, I don’t know. I reread this post and thought crap I should run for political office.

      • It’s so easy to be an avid supporter of your and Layce’s works. I don’t even read what the book is about before I buy it, because I know it will be great. I’ve not once been disappointed.

        Doggone muses LOL. In any case, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next work of art you and Layce put out there for us all to enjoy.

        Oh, oh! And can you imagine if B and her bazooms crossed paths with Lee and Vivian? Every next step would be planned 10 steps in advance and Lee and Vivian would just have to hold on for the ride.

        Basically, you and Layce are awesome. :-)

  9. Great episode. It was good to learn more about publishing world and “categorizations” as a reader. And of course it’s always great to have a laugh :)

  10. Ah ha! So Layce doesn’t write on holidays. No WONDER she creates things like “Don’t Wear Pants Day.” Just another excuse to take a day off. Huh. Slacker!! Lolololol

  11. Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner I Love your books but the ” I followed my vagina to Oklahoma remark made me squirt milk from my nose..)

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