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  1. i was a bit disappointed by the interview. this was the first Liz Mcmullen for me. I was a long time fan of Redmann and the Micky Knight series. what i got from the interview is that Ms Redmann wants to be a Mystery writer. NOT in anyway a Romance writer. I can not speak for either genres. for i am a reader not a writer or teacher. but i do have to say that the the formula that Ms Redmann use for the first 5 books and altered slightly for 6 and 7. garnished her with award, acclaim and success. number 8 is her new Mystery writer formula was a total disappointment to me. really turned me off the series and that is a shame because i loved those books and characters, so i will wish Ms Redmann the best of luck and continued success, but i will not be following the new Micky Knight Mysteries. A comment that was made about other PI not Needing support in there mystery endeavors was off, all of these have supporting characters that add heart and breath life into fictional people
    Carlotta Carlyle is a 6’1″ former Boston city cop turned private detective in a series by Linda Barnes (writer) begun 1987.”little sister,” Paolina ex sam and roz
    Victoria Iphigenia “Vic” Warshawski is a private investigator in Chicago in a series of books by American crime novelist Sara Paretsky Dr. Charlotte “Lotty” Herschel,Mr Contreras, murray
    Kay Scarpetta is the Chief Medical Examiner for Virginia in a series of books by American crime novelist Patricia Cornwall begun 1990. lucy, marino, Benton
    Kate Shugak is a former District Attorney in Anchorage, Alaska in a series of books by American Dana Stabenow begun 1992. Morgan, jim, mutt
    Kinsey Millhone is a private investigator and former policewoman Santa Teresa, California in the “alphabet mystery” series of books by American crime novelist Sue Grafton (debuted 1982). Henry Pitts,
    Thanks Ana

    • There are many books for many people. I certainly haven’t liked every single book I’ve read. But that doesn’t mean others haven’t liked and enjoyed them. It really does get down the individual taste and preference. You’re entitled to your taste and preference just as we all are. I wish you many happy reading experiences.

      • yes I agree, thank you for your replay. and for the record i think you are a gifted, talented writer. your books and characters have moved and touched my life, for decades. you are right about “Many books for many people” all the references i listed i have fallowed, those and many more. you where my first gay author and it was an awaking, now i follow many other gay authors, so it was in the letting go of you and Micky that it may have seem i criticized you and your writing. No criticism i wish you only the best. Thank you Ana

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  3. Good interview and I appreciate Ms. Redmann taking the time to answer the questions that were asked from the readers. I love the mystery genre but I still feel there was a chapter missing at the beginning of Shoal of Time. But as Jean said, writer’s prerogative. You can’t please everybody. It certainly isn’t enough to keep me from waiting for and reading the next in the series. I just hope the time from pen to paper isn’t too long. We wouldn’t want to have Mickey hit that 78 yr. old mark while we’re all waiting….lol Keep on writing her, Jean.

    • Hi, Lori,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have a day job–it pays the bills– so that slows down the writing process. However I am working on the next Mickey Knight book. No release date yet but I promised she won’t be 78.

  4. Another great interview – thanks Liz and Jean!! I have laughed and cried with Micky through all the books and all the stories and I do take the point about noir and mystery and how Micky and Cordelia getting too cosy (and civilising Micky) can take the edge off the mystery aspect. It’s so much harder to fight the good fight out in the cold dark world when you have someone at home cooking casserole… But I do so want Micky to be happy – whatever that means and I also hope we are still reading about her at 78… she is such an interesting character. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Anne, I just want her to be happy too, but I’d like to see her stand on her own two feet, without someone domesticating her. She had become the reluctant the little woman, cooking, cleaning, shopping because her partner was too busy. It was almost as if her job wasn’t as important. Then again, she never felt she was as special and important as those around her.

      • True – but still tough on “poor” Micky – my favourite book is probably “The Intersection of Law and Desire” (a brilliant title by the way) – where Micky is deep in tawdry grimy “real life” and making decisions and choices that she could never discuss with Cordelia over dinner…. I also love “Deaths of Jocasta”… Mmm maybe Micky could stay sober but have interesting relationships as well… cos she can’t go back to her bar hopping – no please, she can’t….

        • Wouldn’t it be nice for her to have a companion who gets her completely, someone from the darker side of life, who she doesn’t have to hide anything from?

          • Oh now that would be a brilliant development – someone with their own baggage who recognises hers… A lover from the dark side who has no expectations – the good thing is that Jean is full of stories and I for one can’t wait to read them…

  5. Hi Ms Reddman,
    I guess I’m 2 years late with my (first ever) book review. By accident I discovered the book # 3 of the Mickey Knight series. I loved it. Then decided to catch up on the remaining series. This took me less than a few weeks to finish them in English (my native language is French). I Literally fell in love with the characters, mostly Mickey’s sense of humor and Cordelia’s kindness. I’m really one of the readers who thinks Cordelia (and the rest of the characters) belongs to the series, they add kindness, humor, and humanity to the story, this is why books 2 and 3 were so great. You made my heart jump with book 5, 6 and 7 and broke it with book 8. I read it till the end hoping that somehow Mickey and Cordelia would run into each other…in New York eventually. But no…..
    You are definitely a great writer by the way you made us laugh, and cry, hold our breath despite the stories related to serious topics. I can’t remember any books I read in my life that brought me this much emotion (I read a lot). But from books 5, to 8 some of the magic tends to go away with the characters left behind.
    I believe you are currently writing book 9, so i truly hope it is not to late to ask, beg, cry, you to have everybody back, Cordelia, Joanne, Alex, Danny….

    An great great fan, somewhere in France.

  6. I agree. I like having all the characters in the book. I want Cordelia and micky back together. I want her friends there to support her . I hope I’m book 9 this happens. I loved books 1 through 7. Book 8 was boring.

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