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8 thoughts on “Lori L. Lake

  1. I love Lori’s writing, and own several of her books. Liz, you are an amazing woman, and I’m so happy for you that you have added your own voice to the lesbian literature world. All best, sdh

  2. Amazing show Liz and Lori. I love the ‘Gun’ series! If I could have joined in conversation with you I might’ve never shut up! So, just a few comments that I can remember now.

    Super hero: ‘Mighty Mouse is here to save the day!’

    Relatively: As my late partner would say “What do your relatives have to do with it?”

    Better writing, criticism, editing, etc.
    The internet, capability for fan fiction and other writing to be posted, self publishing is amazing and wonderful. I spent 40 years laughing at wrong spellings, wrong words and ‘Crazy English’, but it’s not funny when I’m reading a novel or a serious nonfiction book. Though I sometimes cringe at the errors, I’ve learned over the past couple of years to read what was meant rather than what was written. Maybe English isn’t the writers native language or maybe she’s dyslexic or has another disability. But it really throws me out of the narrative when it’s published by Bold Strokes, Bella or other publishers. Editors and publishers get paid and readers deserve better.

    One of the most amazing stories I’ve read recently was also the most atrocious for butchering English in every way – ‘The Antonym Apathy’. Forget post apocalypse Liz, disappointing as it may be to you :), this solution cancels that. I think this concept was the one that made me start to overlook the butchered English.

    And, I’m amazed by authors like Jae, for whom English is not her native language, to be one of the best.

    Lori, please keep writing and more importantly keep teaching. Just in case anyone that has an aspect in the story in their head about everyday life that is unbelievable or impossible let me know. I think I could top it from my life.

    Liz, luv you and your show, but neither erotica nor short stories are really my thing so please forgive me for not buying your first published story. All of these stories need to be told so keep encouraging the authors to tell them anyway they can.


    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for all these wonderful comments, you’re so thoughtful! I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

      As for “Hard Rock Candy,” it’s not for everyone, including those that do like erotica, so I don’t take offense. I was pushing boundaries and riding the muse wave. If I Die Before I Wake is my debut novel is paranormal horror, and I know it may be difficult to read for those who are not into the genre. Though I am happy to say my next novel will be a traditional romance, something everyone can enjoy.

  3. I love the Gun series and have many of Lori’s other books. I learn about writing from reading and I learn a lot from Lori!! It is excellent the way strong women have vulnerabilities and the books are full of well rounded characters. As ever, Liz, thank you for your efforts.

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