Mary Vermillion

Slide1Mary Vermillion’s writes mysteries with humor, flare, and a dash of the absurd. Her protagonist of choice, Mara Gilgannon, is an amateur sleuth who strives to solve life’s little mysteries: Is Walmart the source of all evil? Can talented athletes get away with any crime? Did a right wing extremist snuff out the fertility clinic doctor? Mary’s novels cover the everyday mysteries as well: Will Mara find love? Will she ever truly be over her ex? Is her ex dating her lesbian-feminist-on-steroids boss? Shudder. The answers to these questions can be found in these novels: Death by Discount, Murder by Mascot, and Seminal Murder. Come and join the laughter as Mary and I talk good fiction.

Click to buy: Death By Discount: Book 1 in The Mara Gilgannon Mystery Series

Click to buy: Seminal Murder: Book 3 in The Mara Gilgannon Mystery Series

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