Yvonne Heidt

winner bannerYvonne Heidt not only won a Goldie this year, she won it for her debut novel, “Sometime Yesterday.” Way to hit the ground running, right? During this episode we talk about hauntings, malevolent spirits and the strong women who won’t take their guff! This is especially true for the ghost hunting trio in “The Awakening: Book One of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy.” Are there any EVPs during this episode? You will have to listen to find out.

Click to buy: Sometime Yesterday
Click to buy: The Awakening: Book One of the Sisters in Spirits Trilogy
Click to buy: The Quickening (Sisters of Spirits)

Contact Yvonne:
Website: yvonneheidt.com
Email: ymh99@msn.com
Yvonne is a regular blogger at Women & Words: lesbianauthors.wordpress.com
Publisher: boldstrokesbooks.com

8 thoughts on “Yvonne Heidt

  1. Great Interview with Yvonne Heidt. she is definitely a large fun personality and always has been. I think that is why her books are so well received. Thank you for a great interview, I enjoyed every second of it . Suzie A Krelle

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