Lee Lynch

ep thumbnailLesbian fiction trailblazer Lee Lynch joined me on the show to talk about her writing, the evolution of lesbian fiction, feminism, and LGBT rights. It was a gift to see the world through her eyes.

Click to buy: Beggar of Love
Click to Buy: The Raid
Click to Buy: The Amazon Trail

For thirty years, Lee has chronicled her life in the syndicated column “The Amazon Trail,” unknowingly recording our history, one story at a time. Lee published a collection of her early columns, and is offering a signed copy of “The Amazon Trail” to a lucky listener. Email me to enter the book giveaway: thelizmcmullenshow@gmail.com.

Contact Lee Lynch:
Facebook: facebook.com/LeeLynchWriter
Twitter: twitter.com/LeeLynchWriter
MySpace: myspace.com/leelynchwriter
Publisher’s website: boldstrokesbooks.com

16 thoughts on “Lee Lynch

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  2. I enjoyed this show so much. Wonderful to hear you and Lee talking together. I reunited with Lee at the con in Dallas. We worked for Just Out at the same time and met in the office once. I have been Lee’s fan ever since the beginning of The Amazon Trail. Lee, I love your writing, and am so happy you are back in Oregon now. See you at the Portland con!

  3. I am so glad that you enjoyed the episode, it was both entertaining and educational for me. I truly enjoyed my time with Lee. I’m glad that you were able to reunite with Lee Dallas. If all goes well, I will be seeing you in Portland too!

  4. Hi, Sandra! I love how our community connects and reconnects over the years. Thank you for your very kind comments. And yes-for sure PDX!

  5. For the last few years Lee Lynch has been a name on our PFLAG mailing list who sends notes of encouragement and support. Now I have a sense of the amazing person and her lifetime of involvement in the lesbian community. Can’t wait to meet her in person–now that she’s in Oregon. Thanks for the nice long interview!

  6. Thanks for tuning in, Jeanne, and for all you do for our community. I may be home writing, but I follow the newsletter and announcements, so I keep up with everything! See you at the farmer’s market!

  7. I enjoyed Lee Lynch so much. To me she is a pioneer trailblazer. I love how she brings all her stories to life. I feel what she writes. I had the pleasure of reading the Swashbuckler and the Studebaker. Smazing bookd. I look forward to reading more. Thank you Liz for an excellent show.

    • You are most welcome, and I completely agree, Lee is a gifted author as well as a trailblazer for our community. It was a golden opportunity for me to have a chance to meet her, and share her stories through my show!

  8. She’s a rock star!! The Swashbuckler was the very first lesbian fiction book I read….even before Rita…lol!!
    Love her books!!

  9. Is it possible to love Lee, her work,and how she lives her life any more? ABSOLUTELY!
    I can’t say it enough … Love you Lee. Thanks!
    And thank you Liz, for a wonderful interview. Educational, and real.

    • Isn’t she just fantabulous! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I wanted to touch on many topics, to trace the sands of time that created this most wonderful trailblazer!

    • Love you too, Mercedes. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. Just back from visiting friends I knew through the women’s community on the West Coast. Amazing to have these friends from long ago and new friends from a whole other women’s community. I hope I’m able to somehow eventually portray all of it!

      • Okay, I’m gonna need Angel Bassett to play me in the movie! ;-)
        I’m positive you will capture the essence of this moment in time as eloquently, concisely and vibrantly as you have others. I look forward to the read.

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