Linda Kay Silva

Episode 22 Linda Kay Silva

Linda Kay Silva, Alice B. Toklas Award winning author, graced the Liz McMullen Show with her wit and wicked sense of humor. Her latest releases have it all:

  • Magical Echo. Check.
  • Hot Paranormals. Check.
  • Fierce Brilliant Gun Toting Femme. Check.
  • Oh HEELLLL NO! Check
  • And thanks to Man Eaters, the newest addition to her novel series family: Zombies. Check.

When not laughing and regaling, Linda and I talked about the craft of writing. I learned a lot from our chat and encourage you to spend a little more time with Linda. She is doing a GCLS webinar (online version of a seminar) on Developing Characters on May 18th. There is still time to sign up:

Click to buy: Man Eaters
Click to buy: Magical Echo