A Beautiful Soul Has Walked into the Light


12191770_1145110608850586_4211478701508988162_nI want to honor Sandra Moran and her extraordinary life. She touched my heart, was there when I needed her most, gave the best hugs and made me laugh. My prayers are with her wife, family and all of her devoted friends.

If you would like to share pictures, write a blog, share a vlog or video, please send me an email and I will get it up on my website as soon as possible.

Here is my first interview with Sandra….a start to a wonderful friendship. Enjoy!

LOL Call for Submissions – Update: Deadline Extension


LOL CoverPublisher: The Liz McMullen Show Publications
Selections Editor: Liz McMullen
Deadline EXTENDED: April 18, 2016
Publication: Fall of 2016
Payment: $50 plus two paperback copies, and an eBook
Rights: The Liz McMullen Show Publications requires the right to publish the original story in the above-mentioned anthology, in print, digital and audio forms, exclusively for one year after publication (exceptions made for “year’s best” anthologies) and non-exclusively thereafter. The author retains copyright.

I’m looking for essays and short stories that will make readers bust out laughing. The kind you shouldn’t read next to a sleeping partner or slumbering pet. No need to scare them awake with a bark of laughter or a case of the giggles. And yes folks, grown women get the giggles too.

Subject matter/brand of humor is up to the author: political, current events, situational comedy, dry humor, humor in the every day etc.

• Previously unpublished work only
• Lesbian Fiction or Lesbian Non-Fiction are the preferred genres
• Preferred Length:
• Essays: 2,000 to 4,000 Words
• Short Stories: 3,000 to 4,000 Words
• 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced
• Indent for paragraphs
• No spaces between paragraphs
• Poorly formatted/edited submissions will not be accepted
• Submit your stories in .doc or .docx here: thelizmcmullenshow@gmail.com
• Multiple submissions are permitted, simultaneous submissions are not
• No erotica. You may include limited romantic content, but only if it’s necessary for the plot of your story.
• Indicate your name and the name of the piece in both the subject heading of your email and in the word document you are submitting.
• If you are using a pen name, please provide both your pen name and your legal name in your submission.

Sandra Moran
inspired me in so many ways. She always gave to others selflessly, especially when it came to guiding future lesbian fiction authors.

So in the spirit of #moranstrong, I’ve decided to donate a portion of the royalties for the upcoming Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories LOL Anthology to the Golden Crown Literary Society Writing Academy, for tuition specifically.

To learn more about the GCLS Writing Academy, the only creative writing program specifically for lesbian fiction, visit their website.

Sandra was one of the very first faculty members to sign up for the program, and I was blessed to work with her, in a supporting role. She gave her students so many pearls of wisdom, and more than a few laughs. And the fact that Sandra was one very funny woman, made the scholarship the perfect charity for the LOL Anthology.