Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories 3: Andi Marquette


Once again, Andi and I had a raucous good time recording. The episode was filled to the brim with laughter and silliness. A good time was had by all, but don’t be fooled, we got down to the business of bedtime storytelling. Andi read her short story, “The Kindness of Strangers.” Sometimes being forced to stand still is the best way to move forward. Aidan was nursing a broken heart when she found herself stranded in Butte, Montana. Aiden reclaims herself thanks to the warmth and kindness of Anne, a Butte local.

Andi’s short story can be found on her website, so click this link and read along with us:…

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Andi Marquette

Episode15ImageAndi Marquette was an absolutely delightful author guest. We happily ping-ponged from one thought to the next, traipsing through her short stories and novels with the glee of adolescents. We reveled in the richness of food, the colorful array of meaning in a bouquet, and enjoyed the swagger of a bad boi smuggler.

Andi graced us with a reading from the upcoming book four of her New Mexico series. Andi has also dropped the book giveaway gauntlet. The correct answer to the following question could win you a signed copy of the novel of your choice: Where in Mexico is Chris’s grandmother from?

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Email your entries to by March 20th. The winner will be announced during Episode 16 on Friday, March 22nd.

Also, I have started a new storyteller series, Lizzie’s Bedtimes Stories, where lesfic authors read tales that can warm your heart or curl your toes, or possibly somewhere in between. Creative control, including genre, is in the hands of the author. I am having a contest to create a logo for the new show. The graphic design must be original, and you need to have permission to use any photo contained in the image. Email your design to by March 29th.